Assembly point is an important aspect during an emergency evacuation. Normally the assembly point is a board with the popular icon of an assembly point . In case of an emergency , people are supposed to remember where the assembly point is and reach to the assembly point. After reaching the assembly point a head count is taken manually by the fire marshals . Gathering & compiling this information at an organizational level and finding out the missing persons list is a mammoth & time consuming operation.

Smart Assembly Point helps to take the entire emergency evacuation process to the next level by implementing Smart Assembly points.

A smart assembly point is a device which is connected to a server and intelligently knows when an emergency evacuation is called. It has a beeper and flashing lights so when an emergency evacuation is called, it becomes easy for employees to locate the assembly point. When employees reaches the smart assembly point terminal , they scan their Emergency Response Card and the headcount is available in a real time mode. There are many other intelligent operations a smart assembly point can do , eg. finding out missing people at assembly point, sending SMS alert on their phone about the emergency evacuation etc.

Emergency Dashboard :

Emergency Dashboard is a large television based display which is connected to the network. It mainly displays three sub dashboards

emergency dashboard
This dashboard displays the head count at the assembly points in a real time mode. When the users scans the cards at the terminal, count is increased by one and shown at the emergency dashboard.

Emergency Team Dashboard :

emergency team dashboard
This dashboard is used for displaying the details of the emergency team. This dashboard shows the various team members in your organization who are trained to handle emergencies. Their names , photos and mobile numbers are displayed on the screen. These dashboards are usually displayed at the safety department and is very handy in case of emergency.

Emergency Response Cards

Emergency Response Cards are RFID cards which are pre-printed with the company logo , emergency contact number and instructions of Do’s & Don’ts in case of emergency. When an emergency evacuation is called and the employees approach the smart assembly points , they use these cards to scan and mark their presence at the Assembly point.

Headcount Dashboard

Headcount dashboard shows the number of employees , visitors , labours etc. who are within the facility. These numbers can be fetched either by integrating with the existing employee attendance database , visitor management system database or by issuing RFID cards.

headcount dashboard
The Emergency response card can also be used to record the IN & OUT movement of the employees visitors etc. The count of their numbers is displayed on this dashboard It is also possible to pull the data from the existing Employee attendance or visitor management software provided the data in these systems is no encrypted or non-accessible due to security policies. This requires customization and feasibility of integration changes from case to case basis.

Salient features

1. Realtime head count of the assembly point at a centralized location.
2. Realtime headcount of Employees,Visitors,Contractors
3. Dashboard of Emergency Team
4. Emergency Display board with scrolling displays of Dashboard
5. Emergency Response Cards with details of Emergency Contact Number , Dos & Donts etc.

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