Vehicle Safety & Security Management Software

transportG™ is a Vehicle Safety & Security Management Software

Large numbers of commercial vehicles in & out movement is common for manufacturing plants. These are large trucks, cargo containers, tempos etc used for the raw material & finished goods transport. There are many security risks associated with each entity involved like Vehicles, drivers, helpers. The security department has a difficult task ensuring plethora of issues like the drivers having a proper driving license to helper is not a child labour or vehicle has valid insurance !

Responsible organizations always strive to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing systems for waste management, air quality control etc. Vehicle pollution during transportation is one of the main factors companies want to control for the EHS compliances.

Though the ERP applications like SAP have functionality around Vehicle Gate Entry but when it comes to handling the situation on the ground there are many shortcomings. transportG™ is a software which helps in overcoming these limitations and creating an environment friendly secured transport management.


Features of transportG™

Real Time vehicle , driver & helper information :

transportG™ helps you collect the latest information about the vehicles , drivers . The details like fitness upto , insurance validity , PUC validity etc. are fetched automatically. So only in case any details are not available then only one has to check the documents manually.

For driver details like Photo , DOB , Bloodgroup , home address etc are captured in case needed for any security audit.

Before permitting the entry the system ensures :

- The vehicle has a valid fitness from the RTO (RTO passing).
- The vehicle has a valid PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate. .
- The vehicle has the adequate insurance for the entry.

For drivers & helpers:

- The Driver has a valid driving license.
- The accompanying helper (cleaner) is not a minor.
- The Driver does not have any past misconduct record and similar compliances.

transportG Handheld Tablet

Safety Checklist :

Transport G allows you to update the checklist on safety of the vehicle like the tyre condition , brakes , rear mirror , status of sanitization (especially for Covid19) . There can be multiple checklists and based on the type of checklist different questions can be asked.

Dock & Bay Management :

Normally in a warehouse there are different docs and bays where the material is loaded and unloaded. Transport G offers a facility to manage the Dock & Bay in an interactive manner.

Vehicle movement tracking:

Vehicle movement tracking can be done via a mobile device which is used by the security guard. The IN & OUT movement can be recorded using these devices. These devices are android based connected to internet via wifi or 4G.

Reporting & Email Alerts :

transportG Tablet in hand

There are various reports which can be generated regarding the vehicle movement, daily statistics etc. These reports can also be sent via auto-email to the security heads, admin department etc. Alerts for over stay beyond validity can also be generated via emails.

Benefits of Transport G :

- Ensures compliances for the environment & safety policies.
- Time reduction in checking documents manually
- Alerts on Overstay.
- Entry restriction of debarred vehicles , drivers , helpers.
- Improvement in Turn Around Time due to efficient planning.
- Better capacity utilization of of the Docks & Bay
- Transparent fine collection reports
- Better man power planning at the vehicle entry gate.

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1What features are included in Identify Management Software for Vehicles and Drivers?

Identity Management Software for Vehicles and Drivers typically includes features such as driver identification and verification, vehicle tracking, route planning, trip history, fuel management, maintenance tracking, and real-time alerts and notifications. These features are designed to improve fleet management and enhance operational efficiency and security.

2 How does Identify Management Software for Vehicles and Drivers enhance fleet management and security?

Identity Management Software for vehicles and drivers enhances fleet management and security by providing real-time monitoring and tracking of drivers and vehicles, ensuring only authorized individuals have access to the fleet, preventing theft and unauthorized use of the vehicles, and enabling fleet managers to identify and address any issues or anomalies in real-time. This software can also provide driver behaviour analytics, helping to improve overall fleet safety and efficiency.

3Is Identify Management Software for Vehicles and Drivers customizable for different types of fleets and industries?

Yes, Identity Management Software for vehicles and drivers is customizable for different types of fleets and industries. It can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of each organization, such as different types of vehicles, drivers, and compliance regulations. The software can also integrate with other systems and technologies to provide a comprehensive solution for managing fleet and driver identities.

4 Can Identify Management Software for Vehicles and Drivers be integrated with other fleet management systems or software for seamless data sharing and analysis?

Yes, Identity Management Software for Vehicles and Drivers can be integrated with other fleet management systems or software to enable seamless data sharing and analysis. Integration with other systems can provide a more comprehensive view of fleet operations and facilitate better decision-making.

5 How does Identify Management Software for Vehicles and Drivers improve driver safety and reduce the risk of accidents or incidents while on the road?

Identity management software for vehicles and drivers can improve driver safety by ensuring that only authorized and properly licensed drivers are operating the vehicles. This can help reduce the risk of accidents or incidents caused by untrained or unauthorized drivers. Additionally, the software can monitor driver behaviour and provide feedback to improve safe driving practices, further reducing the likelihood of accidents or incidents on the road.

6 What type of support and training is usually available to help fleet managers and personnel effectively utilize Identify Management Software for Vehicles and Drivers?

Typically, Identify Management Software vendors offer various types of support and training to assist fleet managers and personnel in utilizing the software effectively. This may include online tutorials, user manuals, technical support, and on-site training sessions to help users understand the features and functionality of the software and optimize its use for their fleet management needs.