Enterprise Contract Labour Management System

Contract Labour Management

Avoid non-compliances taking place than a post mortem after the damage is done.

Organizations have to adhere to many compliances under Labour Law , Factories act etc. Installing an ordinary attendance system and hiring a consultant is the usual course followed by most of the organizations . But this leads to handling non-compliances virtually in a post mortem method.

Labourworks™ can help you implement Real Time Compliance Management by ensuring restricting the entry by locking the turnstiles in a real time mode whenever non-compliance occurs. Some of the compliances that can be implemented by Labourworks™ in real time mode.

As a considerate organization using Labourworks™ you can send advance Email/SMS notices about the possible non-compliances likely to happen and give an opportunity to the contractor to take corrective action . But if the corrective action is not taken in time then using Labourworks you can simply block the entry and avoid non-compliances from taking place.

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Some of the compliances that can be implemented by Labourworks™ in real time mode.

  • • Without a weekly off
  • • Maximum work hours exceeded in a week
  • • Contractor Labour License Expired
  • • Labour License Capacity exceeded
  • • Medical Check up not done
  • • Induction training not completed
  • • Work Order Expired
  • • Work Order Capacity Exceeded
  • • Female worker trying to enter during night shift
  • • Debarred worker trying an entry

SPC Methodology™

Labourworks™ is based on SPC Methodology™ , SPC Methodology™ is a set of industry best practices for security, productivity and compliances. These practices are derived from insights from leading legal councils, management consultants, security consultants and our internal research coupled with our vast experience of implementing LabourWorks.

SPC Contract Labour Management

Processes in Labourworks

Know your Labour :

Know your labour is a process followed in Labourworks under which , the information about the labour , address proof , government Identification etc. is collected to create a repository. Labourworks helps generating a NC report about every worker employed which can be submitted to the nearest Police station.

Verify before you pay :

Labourworks calculates the salary sheets and generates the expected bills from various contractors. These models bills are used as a reference while clearing the actual bills of the contractors. Many organizations follow a green channel wherein if the actual contract bill matches the model contractor bill , then it is cleared without any further questioning.
By automating processes like timesheet approval, contractor bill verification etc., a reduction of around 4% to 10% can be achieved on overall contractor spending.

Just in time contract labour supply :

Labourworks follows a concept called as POCT (Point of control terminal) wherein the contract workers reporting to a specific point , say production line or a specific CNC etc. can be calculated. The production persons can add the required manpower via a mobile app and can monitor the exact manpower supplied to various points.

Features of LabourWorks

  • • Contractor Self Service Screen for data updating
  • • ID proof scanning for every workman to ensure minimum age & domicile records
  • • Medical Checkup, Background check, HSE training, PPE issue workflow before registration.
  • • ESIS / PF details & compliances validations
  • • Integration to SAP for budget control
  • • Man power requirement in Planned & Ad hoc manner
  • • Time Sheet & OT approval
  • • Wages calculation as per minimum wages
  • • Service Level Agreement (SLA) management
  • • Training Management
  • • Local Language support
  • • Report Mailing
  • • Email & SMS Alerts

Benefits of LabourWorks

  • • Highly Scalable , can handle one to hundreds of plants
  • • Userfriendly , very small learning curve
  • • Compatible to latest statutory laws amendments
  • • Customizable reports based on customer need
  • • Real Time enforcement & management of Statutory & Social Compliance & Registers
  • • Reduction in Contractors Bill by 3- 5% pm, by auto Contractors bill verification process.
  • • Reduction in OT by 5-10% , by verify and approve process.
  • • Reduction in low performer workers by 30%.
  • • Reduction in Proxy/ Debarred worker by 99%.
  • • Increase in time spent on strategic priorities by 50%, by automatic generation of all Registers/ Forms/ Documents.
  • • Increase in PF Compliance by 100%, by on line verification.
  • • Payroll calculation with 100% accuracy as per minimum wages.
  • • Seamless Integration with SAP/ERP
  • • SMS/EMail alerts at the beginning & end of shift
  • • Cloud ready , available on popular cloud hosting like Azure
  • • More than 300 + reports as per Factories Act , Contract Labour Law etc.

There are more than 500 + installations of Labourworks across India in different types of Industries. Many are using Labourworks as their Enterprise Contract Labour Software.

Labourworks can be seamlessly integrated with SAP ECC 6.0 .

LabourWorks is an SAP certified product. It’s an end-to-end platform that helps you integrate SAP infrastructure, take care of budgeting issues and manage manpower scheduling online.

Labourworks pulls the Services Work Orders from SAP and based on the actual services rendered , Service Entry Sheets are pushed back to SAP automatically . This results in a huge cost savings for organizations.

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