Registration Kiosk: This indispensable kiosk makes it easy to create labour cards that are ready for laminating and printed on stationary paper. It expedites the process of issuing cards, guaranteeing effective identification for employees working for the company.

CVTM (Compliance Verification Terminal): Acting as a gatekeeper for compliance, CVTM carefully logs employees' in and out movements within the factory in addition to confirming compliance with rules at the entry. This terminal is an essential tool for upholding and instantly validating compliance standards.

Visitex Touch Kiosk: Through its touch screen display, the user-friendly Visitex Touch Kiosk streamlines the visitor registration procedure. It is made to record and monitor the movements of visitors, improving security by obtaining the relevant information and granting the required credentials for a seamless and regulated admissions process.

STK (Safety Training Kiosk): With its touch screen interface, the STK raises the bar for safety training because it can be used for worker evaluation as well as training. The STK can produce a safety permit after it is completed successfully, highlighting its function in improving worker compliance and safety awareness.

STK GT (STK for Group Training): Designed for group assessments, the STK GT expands the safety training kiosk's functionality to meet group training requirements. This kiosk is perfect for raising safety awareness among the entire team and promoting a shared responsibility culture.

Smart Assembly Point: The Smart Assembly Point, which automates the procedure, is revolutionising assembly points. It guarantees quick and orderly assembly with features like buzzing alarms and flashing lights during emergencies, making the vital duty of accounting for people during evacuations or other situations easier.

Enterprise Contract Labour Management System

Addressing compliance issues proactively is crucial for organisations, surpassing the traditional post-mortem approach. To meet the stringent requirements of Labour Law and the Factories Act, many organisations opt for conventional solutions like attendance systems and consultants. Unfortunately, this often results in a reactive handling of non-compliance issues.

Labourworks™ stands out by offering Real-Time Compliance Management, enabling organisations to prevent non-compliances before any damage occurs. By implementing turnstile locking in real-time, Labourworks™ ensures immediate restriction of entry in the event of non-compliance. Various compliances related to Labour Law and the Factories Act can be seamlessly enforced using this innovative system, and so does safety training kiosk

In addition to its real-time capabilities, Labourworks™ promotes proactive communication by allowing organisations to send advanced Email/SMS notices about potential non-compliance issues. This feature empowers contractors to take corrective action promptly, mitigating risks before they escalate, just as it does with Emergency assembly point.

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Processes in Labour works

Know You Labour

Know your labour is a process followed in Labourworks under which, the information about the labour, address proof, government Identification etc.

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Very before you pay

Labourworks calculates the salary sheets and generates the expected bills from various contractors. These model bills are used as a reference while clearing the actual bills of the contractors. Many organizations follow a green channel wherein if the actual contract bill matches the model contractor bill, then it is cleared without any further questioning.

Just-in-time contract labour supply

Labourworks follows a concept called POCT (Point of control terminal) where in the contract workers reporting to a specific point

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Some of the compliances that can beimplemented by LabourworksTM in real-time mode.

LabourworksTM is based on SPC MethodologyTM, SPC MethodologyTM is a set of industry best practices for security, productivity and compliance. These practices are derived from insights from leading legal councils, management consultants, security consultants and our internal research coupled with our vast experience in implementing LabourWorks.

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Features of Labour Management System
Contractor Self Service Screen for data updating
ESIS / PF details & compliances
Integration to SAP for budget
Time Sheet & OT
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Local Language
Email &
SMS Alerts
Manpower requirement in a
Planned & Ad hoc manner
Wages calculation as per
minimum wages
ID proof scanning for every workman to ensure minimum age & domicile records
Medical Checkup, Background check, HSE training, PPE issue workflow before registration
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Frequently Asked Questions

Contract labour management refers to the effective oversight and administration of temporary or contracted workers within a business. It impacts business operations by streamlining workforce management, ensuring compliance with labour laws, and optimising resource allocation. Implementing a Safety Training Kiosk can further enhance contract labour management by providing efficient safety training and tracking mechanisms.

Labour management involves the strategic planning, allocation, and supervision of a workforce to meet organizational goals. Its significance lies in optimizing productivity, resource utilization, and employee satisfaction. Introducing a Safety Training Kiosk as part of labour management initiatives reinforces safety protocols, enhances training efficiency, and contributes to a safer and more compliant working environment.

Effectively managing compliance within a business involves three key phases: identification, implementation, and monitoring. Identification entails recognizing relevant regulations and standards. Implementation involves integrating compliance measures into operations. Monitoring includes regular assessments and audits to ensure ongoing adherence. Utilizing a Safety Training Kiosk assists in seamlessly implementing and monitoring compliance, especially in areas related to workforce safety and training.

A Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) is a comprehensive solution that oversees the engagement, deployment, and compliance of contract labour. Its pivotal role in organizational governance lies in ensuring transparency, regulatory adherence, and efficient management of the contract workforce, promoting compliance with labour laws and organizational policies. The Smart Assembly Point further streamlines the evacuation process, enhancing overall safety governance.

The Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) boasts distinctive features like automated onboarding/offboarding, real-time attendance tracking, and compliance monitoring. Its functionalities encompass contract worker profiling, scheduling, and robust reporting, providing organizations with a centralized platform for efficient contract labour management. The Smart Assembly Point is a key element, ensuring safety and security in tandem with CLMS functionalities.

Contract labour management software mitigates risks and ensures ongoing compliance by automating regulatory checks, managing contract labour documentation, and providing real-time compliance insights. The software's integrated features, coupled with the Smart Assembly Point, contribute to a proactive risk management approach, ensuring that organizations adhere to labour regulations and industry standards consistently..

Yes, contract labour management software is designed to be highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the system according to their unique needs and requirements. This flexibility ensures that the software aligns seamlessly with specific business processes, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

The contract labour management system plays a crucial role in streamlining compliance processes by automating tasks, providing real-time insights, and integrating with the Visitor Management System. This results in significant time and resource savings as compliance workflows become more efficient, reducing manual efforts and ensuring regulatory adherence.

Contract labour management software leverages robust data analytics and reporting tools to identify compliance trends and areas for improvement. By analyzing data related to contractor activities, the software enhances decision-making. Integration with the Visitor Management System further ensures comprehensive insights, allowing businesses to proactively address compliance challenges and continuously improve their processes.

The contract labour management system plays a vital role in ensuring compliance by providing a centralized platform that aligns with regulatory standards across diverse industries and geographical regions. Its flexibility and adaptability allow businesses to implement and adhere to specific compliance requirements, fostering a comprehensive and globally compliant approach.
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