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Visitex Touch has reduced
the pressure on our reception big time. Now our visitors themselves create their badges, the employees are intimated by emails, SMS etc. and the Security head gets the reports automatically ! We are getting the required security without much work for our staff …
A Multi-tenant building
in Singapore

VisiteXTM Touch - A Touch Screen based
Visitor Management Kiosk

The incidences at the turn of this millennium has shifted paradigms of human life. Scanning, whisking, surveillance has become a way of life for us. Visitor Management is one of such internationally applied safety exercise followed by most of the enterprises, corporate, defense organizations, schools etc.

Today the main challenge faced by Security Personnel’s is how to implement these systems without creating a negative image.

VisiteXTM Touch is a touch screen based solution which can help implement visitor management in a very user friendly manner.

VisiteXTM Touch kiosk is placed at the reception area. If a visitor comes to the gate, the security personnel check the credentials of the individual and allow him/her to go to the reception.

At the reception the person can create his / her own badge by just clicking on the options provided. The Digital Camera takes the photograph of the person and the badge is printed. This badge is printed on a thermal printer and hence the running cost printing is just 5 cents per badge!

It is possible to keep the pre-set appointments on the Kiosk so the visitors do not have to add the relevant details. Just by providing the appointment number they can generate the badge.

This kiosk can also provide directions to the visitor to a specific department or building. These directions can be downloaded as an SMS/text massages !

So over all VisiteXTM Touch kiosk creates a welcoming atmosphere for the visitor while maintaining a very high standard of security.

Why is Visitor Management necessary?

 Type of individual  Knowledge about the individual from
 a security point of view
 Duration within the premise
 Security Threats  Perception
 Employees  Background Check  Every day till the tenure ends  Nil
 Temporary Workers  Partial – Contractor details
 are available
 Short Duration from a week
  to  couple of months.
 Visitors  Almost Nil  Few hours  High

As the above table indicates, a visitor is an individual about whom the security knows almost nothing, who visits for only for few hours and not likely visit again and hence it is necessary to keep a tab of the visitor from a security point of view.

Present Visitor Management System …

Present Visitor Management Systems are usually complex Computer Program with a host of hardware devices which require training for Security Guards and also to the visitors.

VisiteXTM Touch is a touch-screen based system which can operate on its own without much training. With an appointment based system almost an “Airport Level” security can be maintained using VisiteXTM Touch.

Features of VisitexTM Touch
Appointment based system  
Appointment based system Appointment Creation by sending a mail. One can intimate the appointment by sending a simple mail to reception with all the details.

VisiteXTM Touch uses a very intelligent parser and hence the format does not matter.
Email Invite for the Visitor ! Email Invite for the Visitor !

An email with a barcode is sent to the user, explaining all the details, security needs. The visitor is requested to visit with a print out of the mail and security can physically check the print out against a valid ID from the visitor. This is how an Airport level security can be maintained.

However if the security needs are not that high then much simpler process can also be followed.

Leaving the office

 When the visitor leaves the organization it is essential to note his/her exit. This will help in identifying the number of visitors within the organization at any given point of time. This can be done by simply scanning the barcode on the badge.


Various reports like the currently inside visitors, visitors during day etc. can be fetched from the kiosk by simply sending an email.

Get Directions

The visitors can get directions inside the building at a click of a button. These directions can be downloaded on a phone via SMS.

Employee Badges

If an employee forgets his/her badge then it is possible to create an employee badge by simply sending a mail to the Kiosk by the respective HOD. Employee can generate a temporary badge for a day.

VisiteXTM Touch is a complete system with all the hardware & software which can not only helps in saving the cost on consumables but offers a tremendous cost saving because no operator is required.

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