GDPR compliant Visitor management kiosk

Visitor management is an internationally applied safety exercise followed by most enterprises, corporates, multi-tenant buildings etc. However due to new privacy regulations ; getting an exclusive consent from the visitor before capturing the personal information has become necessary.

VisiteX™ Touch is a touch screen based solution which helps automating this process without engaging the trained manpower for doing this job.

The host (ie. employees within the company to whom the visitor wants to visit) sends an advance email with cc to the security department about the visit. The visitors name , organization , date & time of visit and other relevant details are mentioned in the email. The guard at the main gate checks the email and asks the person to visit the Visitex Touch kiosk.

The VisiteX™ Touch kiosk capture the details like name of the visitor , mobile number , govt ID etc. To confirm the mobile number and OTP is sent on the mobile. Once all the details are captured , the person is photographed and a badge is handed over along with the details & a QR code. The host is also intimated automatically about the visitors arrival at the reception via email and visitors photo.

VisiteX™ Touch kiosk creates a welcoming atmosphere for the visitor while maintaining a very high standard of security.

Visitor Registration Process

These steps can be altered as per users requirement & policies. The invitation verification can be done by checking either the email by the host or by appointment number which the host has sent.

Features of VisiteX™ Touch

Mobile verification through OTP : Mobile numbers are verified via an OTP.

User settable information capturing :User can decide which information to capture eg. Name , Organization Name , Mobile , Govt ID , Sr no if the laptop carried etc.

Brief Safety training :VisiteX™ Touch gives a brief safety training about do’s & don’ts and procedures during emergencies like fire.

Emergency contacts & assembly points : Information about emergency contacts can be verified before allowing the entry.

Time reduction during repeat visits : The repeat visitor can be permitted to enter in very less time due to auto data population

QR Code : The badge is printed with a QR code which can be read by any smartphone.

Reports : Various visitor reports are automatically emailed every day.

Cost reduction : Due to an automated system trained person is not required for creating of visitor badges.