A 360° approach to Safety Training

Safety is a matter of concern for every organisation today. Though it is not possible to avoid every untoward incident, preparedness and continual training is the path towards a secured and safe working environment. Training can be given in many ways but a classroom approach to safety training not only becomes monotonous but can also prove to be inefficient due to corner-cutting.

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STK helps you in taking a 360 approach to safety training which ensures that all the stakeholders are trained as per their risk exposure and based on the overall impact on risk mitigation plan. This helps in the "Change Behaviour Phase" & "Evaluation phase" of BBS or Behaviour Based Safety and also helps in facing the safety audits like OSHAS or ISO 18000.

STK comprises of four major components as shown in the infographic below.

safety training kiosk 360 degree approach

1. STK Kiosk : The STK kiosk is a touchscreen based kiosk with Camera , Biometric , Printer etc.

2. STK Content : This is the most important part of any safety kiosk. STK has a very rich content which runs in multiple hours. The content is divided into different categories

safety training kiosk content

STK offers rich content for industries like Petroleum , Automobile , Pharmaceutical , Steel , Power , Chemicals , Paints , Glass , Construction and many more. STK also offers industry agnostic content like Fire Safety , Road Safety , Work Permit Safety , LOTO Process etc.

Mutli-lingual content STK content is available in almost 11 Indian languages and also in Thai , Malay & Nepali

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3. STK Content Creation Module : STK offers rich features using which the user can create his own safety program very easily. The existing PPTs can be converted easily , Photos & Videos can be uploaded and subtitles and voice over can be added.

4. STK Scheduling and Analytics : It is very necessary for the safety managers to ensure that they are having a 360 coverage of all the stakeholders and hence scheduling and analytics become important. STK offers very rich scheduling features with integration to Emails and SMS to the end users & HODs.

5. STK Evaluation & Safety Passport
After successful completion of safety training STK , the user is given a Safety Passport with all the details

safety traning passport

safety traning passport

This helps in branding your safety training initiatives in a powerful manner.

STK is a market leader with more than 500+ Safety training Kiosks. With STK you get to share our expertise, which we have gained over the last many years during our interactions with different industry experts across different verticals.

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