The Future of Safety Training

Safety is a matter of concern for every organisation today. Though it is not possible to avoid every untoward incidence, preparedness and continual training is the path towards a secured and safe working environment. Training can be given in many ways but a classroom approach to safety training not only becomes monotonous but can also prove to be inefficient due to corner-cutting.

STK is a Safety Training KIOSK. It helps in creating a self-help training program with ease. STK comprises of two components i.e. a touch screen based KIOSK which can be operated by the user through a very user-friendly interface and a software which helps in creating and organising this program without any prior knowledge or training. STK is very useful for industries like chemicals, petrochemicals, pharma, IT. It’s an integrated system and hence comes equipped with all the necessary hardware / software and training modules.

Documentation of Safety

It is very essential for organisations to properly document the safety training. These are mandatory for many Safety standards like ISO 14000 / OSHAS 18000 etc. This documentation is essential to take care of legal issues, which may arise due to untoward incidences. STK helps you generate this documentation in simple but a very systematic way. The process is as follows:

safety training kiosk

After successfully completing the Safety Training a certificate or a passport can be issued with details like the name of the person, organisation Name, validity, type of training undertaken etc. A control can be established by allowing only those who have a valid training passport inside the organisation. This helps you reduce the training burden and also ensures that people only with proper safety training are allowed inside the organisation.

STK Enterprise Version

STK is also available in an enterprise-wide setup. This model is very effective when the training has to be provided at different locations and to large number of candidates. The architecture for the same is as follows:

safety training kiosk

In this version there can be separate programs for the Visitors, Employees, New Joinees etc. The employees can access the program all across the enterprise via department level kiosks. Different types of KIOSKs can be placed in Class Rooms, Visitor Lounges and other places.